"Dinner for everyone" charity event

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, where everyone is in a hurry with their tense, daily routines, no one has time for society and the people and the problems around them – particularly those belonging to underprivileged people within society. As such, it is imperative for society to understand that supporting, helping and caring for people in need should be an important part of everyone’s life.


For years, Black Sea Terminal has actively supported the needy and considers this one of the top priorities of the company.


So as part of its yearly charitable program, Black Sea Terminal once again provided financial support to the Catharsis association and its beneficiaries by holding the “Dinner for Everyone” program in which free lunches were provided to the socially vulnerable and underprivileged people of society.


By being a part of this program, our company has once again proved that there is no alternative to helping and supporting those in need.


Similar charity activities are included in the company’s plans, which will definitely help to make life easier for the vulnerable and underprivileged people of the society.


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