New dredger purchased

Maintaining navigational depths by clearing the bottom of the water area from river and sea sediments is the most important task for ports located in river mouths.


Since the beginning of the operations, the port of Kulevi successfully copes with this problem thanks to the dredger Marian B. The technical characteristics of this vessel (length – 74m, width - 13m, hold capacity – 1,700 m3, loaded draft - 5.6m, maximum dredging depth - 22m) are quite appropriate for conducting dredging work in the port’s approach channel and internal harbor, the total bottom area of which is 770,000 m2, the average depth is 13-14 meters, and the maximum depth is 18 meters.


The successful functioning of the Mariam B determines the year-round and unhindered operation of Kulevi port and oil terminal. However, it should be noted that in the port water area there are places, where after river flooding or heavy storms, due to the 5-6m loaded draft of the dredger, it is necessary to work with increased effort in short distances in order to the timely removal of sediments in shallow areas.


In connection with the above, as well as the possible need for future dredging in other shallow areas, now not used for navigation, BST has purchased smaller dredger made by Italian company Dragflow. This dredger has small overall dimensions (8 x 6m) and a draft of (0.5 m), which is especially suitable for dredging in shallow water areas (although its pumping head reaches 26m). The dredger equipment includes a pipeline of more than 200m in length on pontoons, made of plastic, which facilitates the maneuvering and operation of the mechanism.


The dredger has already been assembled and the operating staff has been trained. At present. testing of the dredger is being completed, after which the mechanism will be put into operation.

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