Heating and offloading system upgrade

Black Sea Terminal management is constantly analyzing its operational processes and implementing measures to ensure the safety of its personnel and assets, operational efficiency and to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. This approach has contributed to the successful operation of the oil and gas transshipment terminal since 2008.


There has been an increase in depth of oil products processing viscosity and the pour point temperature of fuel oils is worsening every year. In order to tackle this challenge and to satisfy its customers’ expectations, Black Sea Terminal’s management concluded contract with a specialized company in 2017 for designing and supplying equipment for heating and offloading of high viscosity oil products.  


Delivery and installation of special heating and offloading equipment started in early September. All equipment is being installed and aligned jointly with the contactor company’s qualified specialists without any stoppage of operational processes. The equipment is provided with the necessary documentation such as operation and maintenance manuals, process and instrumentation diagrams, calibration and test certificates.


The installation and startup of the individual heating and offloading system will enable the company to offload heavy fuel oils in a timely and cost-effective manner. All processes related with the heating and offloading of the product will be controlled via an automatically controlled system to minimize the operator’s involvement.


To ensure that all personnel are familiarized with the operation and maintenance of the new equipment, BST has conducted training courses with operation technicians, which will be involved in the operation of the equipment.


The company plans to finalize the commissioning and startup of the new offloading equipment in October 2017.


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