Repairs on MARIAN B

Year-round navigation of large-tonnage tankers in Kulevi port substantially depends on the efficiency of the dredger MARIAN B. Since 2005, the vessel has fulfilled the dredging work in Kulevi. Until May 2008, with the help of the MARIAN B, work was undertaken to create an approach channel and the internal harbor of the port. After putting into operation the Kulevi Oil Terminal and the seaport, the dredger has been working to maintain navigational depths in the port water area, the total area of ​​which is about 770,000 m2.


During the period of operation in the Kulevi port, the volume of dredged soil attributed to the work of the MARIAN B exceeds 7 million m3. Dredger work is undertaken all year round. Maintaining the vessel’s good technical condition is the most important task of the ship's crew and the whole port's staff. According to the requirements of the Maritime Register, annual inspections of the MARIAN B take place, and every five-years, the ship is submitted to the class. Maintenance of the dredger is being performed in the system mode, according to the approved schedule, taking into account the worked hours of the machines and the mechanisms of the vessel. During this summer season, the following work has been performed:


  • Motor cleaning of ADG №2
  • Fire pump repair
  • Repair of fuel equipment
  • Repair of air compressor
  • Repair of cargo pumps
  • Repair of ground-lines in the trim area
  • Repair of hydraulic cylinders of bottom doors


In the summer of 2018, it is planned to submit the MARIAN B to the Maritime Register for an interim dock survey, which will include an inspection of:


  • Underwater section of the hull
  • Bottom-outboard fittings
  • Anchor device and other parts of the vessel, the inspection of which will be relevant at the time of docking.


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