Overhaul of steam boiler facilities

The steam boiler facility has been operating at Kulevi Oil Terminal since 2008. The facility is equipped with two steam boilers of Finnish production. Steam boilers have an important role in the chain of the terminal’s operational processes and responds 100% to the terminal’s thermal needs, such as the operation of heat exchanger units, heat tracing of technological pipelines and the heating of office facilities and work places. 


Steam boiler equipment is very complex equipment operating amid high temperatures and pressure conditions. Periodical preventive maintenance of such equipment is very important to ensure the safety of such complex operations and equipment integrity. Considering this, all the necessary preventive maintenance work is registered in the terminal’s computerized maintenance management system and scheduled as per equipment operation and maintenance manuals. All steam boiler preventive maintenance work is performed on a scheduled basis by the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and operational disciplines.


As scheduled by the preventive maintenance program and as per the terminal’s winter preparation program, the terminal’s management concluded a contract with a specialized company for the complete overhaul of all steam boilers operating in the terminal.  


Within the framework of the contract, specialists of the contractor company have performed an overall inspection of all steam boiler equipment, including boilers, boiler furnaces, burners, control and measuring equipment, valves, deaerators, water softening units, water and fuel supply pumps. As an internal part of the overhaul work, the steam boiler and its internal pipework was cleaned from the boiler deposits via the application of chemical agents. Also, to increase the heat consumption efficiency, the contractor company installed an economizer unit to the existing boilers. The overhaul and modernization work also included the installation of an automatically-control system for continuous and periodical blow-down of the steam boilers.  


The steam boiler equipment has been pressure-tested and restarted jointly by terminal and contractor specialists after the completion of all overhaul work. 


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