Electrical Safety for Non-electrical Personnel

At Black Sea Terminal, workplace safety is a priority. It is of the utmost importancethat all measures are taken to ensure the safety of its employees. So on behalf of the hazard safety program, a training course was organized for non-electrical personnel including employees, contractor company employees and physical persons.


Electricity being an essential and unavoidable part of the high-tech, fast-paced, demanding life in our modern society and being used all day and night, it is to be noted that everyone takes it for granted and likely forgets the dangers associated with it. This particular training course was organized to create awareness in handling electricity and all things related to electricity in the workplace.


During the training course, attendees were briefed about the basic concepts of electricity, the recognition of hazards, major electrical injuries and causes, hazard protection when handling electrical current, work practices regarding electrical tool maintenance and the usage of personal protective equipment.


Because electricity poses a great risk, this training coursewas conducted to ensure the safety of all personnel at the terminal.

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