Security training

At Kulevi Oil Terminal, security awareness is a top priority and security awareness trainingis conducted periodically for security staff. This trainings helpsour personnel to develop essential competencies, new techniques, and methods that are essential when facing potential security issues.


Recently, the Familiarization Security Internal Training coursewas been conducted at Kulevi Oil Terminal, for SGS (SOCAR Georgia Security) employees as per ISPS (International Ship & Port facility Security code) standard requirements. The main topics discussed during the training includedsecurity regulations and procedures implemented at the terminal, port securitylevel,  handling of suspicious objects or packages, communication process and type of security alarm,response to possible invasion of terminal territory, entrance of suspicious vehicle on site, and other important issues.


The training started with the presentationof security ISPS regulations and security procedures that are followed at the Kulevi Oil Terminal. Participants were also familiarized with the European Union handbook on International Port security and the issues related to it.These were followed by practical work on various security breach scenarios divided by modules.


Each training module included a description of the security breach scenario, response procedures, and the scenario-specific checklists and objectives. After each topic,participants were assessed based on their performance during the simulated situations.


This training was actually arefreshment course for the security personnel used to ensure that proper response measures and the necessary actions are always taken in the case of any security threats at the terminal. 

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