Anticorrosion protection work

Kulevi Oil Terminal is located directly on the Black Sea coast in a humid subtropical region. Therefore corrosion protection for all structures and equipment is one of the terminal’s main priorities. Anticorrosive measures are important for maintaining the condition and extending the life of the structures and equipment.


Black Sea Terminal management has established a detailed plan for anticorrosion activities. Modern methods and means of anticorrosion protection of BST equipment, process pipelines and storage tanks, have been studied. After processing the visual and ultrasonic inspection data, more detailed method statements are being created. When selecting the methods for undergoing the application of coating materials, EN standards are followed exclusively. 


In the implementation of anti-corrosive measures, a contract was signed with SOCAR CAPE, SOCAR’s main contractor, a company that has extensive experience in this field.


In April 2017, SOCAR CAPE carried out mobilization and preparatory work, and gradually began the main anti-corrosion process.

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