Induction Training for new employees

Induction training is both vital and necessary for any new employee who joins a new organization. Such training ensures that the new employee settles quickly and comfortably into the productive role they are entrusted to do.


Black Sea Terminal always makes sure that this induction training helps employees familiarize themselves with company’s policies, its organizational mission, goals, values, philosophy, dress code, health and safety rules, the job they are required to do, and what is expected of them.


These induction trainings are well-planned and organized by experienced managers or coaches assigned to each department, and they are created based on the job they are assigned to, which will help the new employee do their job more efficiently with less dependence in the future.


These induction trainings mainly include the following elements:


  • General training:  information about the organization, policies, missions, goals, values and philosophy. Black Sea Terminal is committed to providing a safe and hazard-free work environment for all employees, visitors, and persons impacted by its operations. This policy reinforces an individuals’ responsibility to be accountable for their own safe behavior.
  • Mandatory training: related to health and safety and other necessary legal training.
  • Job training: related to the job the new employee will be undertaking.
  • Training evaluation: Confirms that the employee understands the above-mentioned training.


Induction training also helps gauge a new employee’s personal strengths and personal development wishes and aspirations, so the person understands and see themselves as a valued individual with unique potential, rather than just being a name and a function. This is the most important part of the induction training at Black Sea Terminal. This makes the job more meaningful for the employee and makes them feel special and valued.


Any new employee who becomes a part of Black Sea Terminal has to comply with the basic rules above, which in turn will help to make our workplace safer, more secure and environmentally friendly.

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