Basic corrosion management

Corrosion is a destructive natural process that costs the oil and gas industry tens of billions of dollars in lost income and treatment costs every year. Its treatment and mitigation requires the incorporation of a range of interdisciplinary approaches. Considering this, Black Sea Terminal employs experienced and trained personnel to fight and control corrosion, and has implemented a well-developed corrosion management strategy to achieve corrosion control.


Black Sea Terminal recognizes that the effective management of corrosion contributes to the maintenance of asset integrity and optimizes mitigation, monitoring and inspection costs. A number of methods are applied at the terminal. The selection of the appropriate materials, the use of inhibitors, protective coatings, adequate corrosion monitoring and inspection, cathodic and anodic protection techniques are all used in this process.


However, the principles of corrosion need to be clearly understood in order to select the correct materials and to design, fabricate, and utilize metal structures for the optimum economic life of the facilities, and the safety in oil and gas operation. So Black Sea Terminal maintains an effective corrosion management program to achieve high reliability as well as for the successful operation of the terminal. 

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