Management review meeting

In today’s competitive business environment, it has become highly important for a company to have real-time data concerning the health of the business. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is at achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets. That’s why all of our company’s departments prepare KPIs for each quarter in an effort to analyze their progress.


Recently, a KPI review meeting was conducted at the Hilton Batumi by Kulevi Oil Terminal with the goal of evaluating company activities within the first three-quarters of 2017. 

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Friendship for kindness

On November 23rd, Kulevi Oil Terminal took part in the project ‘Friendship for Kindness’, which aims to support ethnic minority children with disabilities and oncological diseases from the Dmanisi and Marneuli regions. The project affords the children an opportunity to get involved in games and programs, meet popular people and become friends with peers in their age group.     


This project also aims to promote among the public, a better understanding of those with disabilities and encourage people support their dignity, rights and well-being. Evidence and experience shows that these minority groups often face barriers to participation in all aspects of society.

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Tug boat update

Since Black Sea Terminal (BST) became operational, Kulevi Port has received about 2,200 tankers, whose deadweight varies from 3,500 to 115,000 tons.


The mooring and departure of tankers from Kulevi port is being carried out through an artificially created approach channel, with a length of 3,600 meters, a width of 160 meters and an average depth of 14 meters. The turning basin with a diameter of 500 meters is also arranged on the channel.


For the berthing and departure of tankers, BST utilizes its powerful modern tug boats the SOCAR and SOCAR 2, which are equipped with azimuth thrusters, which allow for easy maneuvering at low speeds. 

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Certification program focusing on basic corrosion management

Because the oil and gas industry is a highly competitive industry, it is not uncommon when the high-qualified staff shortages and high job expectations merge with one another. One of the best options for overcoming this dual challenge is to provide certification opportunities for employees. This helps to retain the most valuable employees of the company.


As a major employer, Kulevi Oil Terminal takes this challenge seriously and provides all the necessary certifications to its employees in order to ensure that company retains its most valuable assets – its employees.


As part of the certification process, Kulevi Oil Terminal and the US-based NACE International recently organized an international certification program focusing on basic corrosion management. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal rehabilitates the local road

Black Sea Terminal is one of the major companies in the Khobi municipality and has taken part in various infrastructural projects over the years. Sustainable development of the area where the Kulevi Oil Terminal has been operating for years has always been one of the main priorities for the company. Considering the condition of the 16km Kulevi – Shua Khorga road asphalt, there was an emerging necessity to invest considerable financial funds in its maintenance.


Last year, Kulevi Oil Terminal expressed its good will for the rehabilitation of the local road and made a decision to finance work on the project.

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"Dinner for everyone" charity event

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, where everyone is in a hurry with their tense, daily routines, no one has time for society and the people and the problems around them – particularly those belonging to underprivileged people within society. As such, it is imperative for society to understand that supporting, helping and caring for people in need should be an important part of everyone’s life.


For years, Black Sea Terminal has actively supported the needy and considers this one of the top priorities of the company.


So as part of its yearly charitable program, Black Sea Terminal once again provided financial support to the Catharsis ...

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Power Supply Reliability

Reliable power is a fundamental requirement for any organization. Reliable power has a direct impact on most aspects of an automation system and the equipment it controls. Electrical systems are subject to a wide variety of power quality problems, which can interrupt industrial processes and affect sensitive equipment. Power quality problems can result in unnecessary downtime due to equipment failure.


The power supply and distribution system of Black Sea Terminal consists of several facilities including substation control building, outdoor switchgears, indoor switchgears, transformer substations and so on. Terminal buildings, pump stations and facilities with sensitive equipment require clean and stable power to operate uninterruptedly. 

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INCOTERMS 2010 training

International Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (ICC Georgia), in support of the EU-funded project “SME Development and DCFTA in Georgia” organized a series of training courses in Georgia including the Incoterms 2010 training.


The training course was held in two groups in Batumi. The employees of Kulevi Oil Terminal were actively involved.  The aim of this training course was to familiarize the personnel of companies in Georgia with Incoterms and was intended for representatives of various companies in Georgia who are involved in drawing-up/reviewing purchase-sale contracts ...


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New dredger purchased

Maintaining navigational depths by clearing the bottom of the water area from river and sea sediments is the most important task for ports located in river mouths.


Since the beginning of the operations, the port of Kulevi successfully copes with this problem thanks to the dredger Marian B. The technical characteristics of this vessel (length – 74m, width - 13m, hold capacity – 1,700 m3, loaded draft - 5.6m, maximum dredging depth - 22m) are quite appropriate for conducting dredging work in the port’s approach channel and internal harbor, the total bottom area of which is ...

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Heating and offloading system upgrade

Black Sea Terminal management is constantly analyzing its operational processes and implementing measures to ensure the safety of its personnel and assets, operational efficiency and to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. This approach has contributed to the successful operation of the oil and gas transshipment terminal since 2008.


There has been an increase in depth of oil products processing viscosity and the pour point temperature of fuel oils is worsening every year. 

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