Strategic legal and tax issues of labor relations

Labor and/or employment-related risks play a very important role in any business or organization, and so any new laws or rules established to benefit employees and the organization are considered to be of the utmost importance by Black Sea Terminal.


Kulevi Oil Terminal being an organization with multinational employees, the benefit of expatriate employees and labor-related rules and tax issues for such employees is very important. Jointly with Ernst & Young, an online live session was conducted for a group of leading employees at BST.


During the training session, the specific topics of discussion included the employment of foreign citizens, requirements for hiring a foreign citizen

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International workshop on the Control and Management of Ballast Water and Sediments

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia organized a three-day workshop in Batumi that focused on the implementation of BWM convention compliance, monitoring and enforcement, risk assessment and Port Biological Baseline Surveys. 


This three-day workshop was attended by a group of  Black Sea Terminal employees and was conducted based on the guidelines developed by the IMO for the development and implementation of ballast water management plans on board ships aiming

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Predictive maintenance at Black Sea Terminal

The maintenance organization can be viewed as one of the most integral aspects of the maintenance management system at Black Sea Terminal, a company that has successfully managed to develop and dynamically improve maintenance efficiency to achieve the objectives and goals of Maintenance Department. The Maintenance Department maintains the terminal’s equipment performance for the entire period of its operation, and high-quality preventive maintenance plays a key role in increasing the asset reliability and availability of Black Sea Terminal.


Job-specific refresher training courses are conducted on a regular basis for our skilled technicians in order to increase their competence and plant reliability and to assure our personnel’s qualifications. 

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Posidonia 2018

Kulevi Oil Terminal together with Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia and other leading companies of the maritime sector of Georgia represented  the country  in “Posidonia 2018”, the 31st International Shipping Exhibition, which was held on June 4-8 at the Metropolitan Expo, Athens, Greece under the auspices of Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Union of Greek Ship-owners and Hellenic Chamber of shipping with the support of Municipality of Piraeus and Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee.

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June 15 - the day of Spirituality and National Salvation

Ramadan Bayram is one of the most important holidays. It is a celebration of love, spiritual strength and understanding; an opportunity to cleanse one’s soul after a month of fasting, and a reminder to forgive and forget all the bad things and help the needy so that the goodness of Allah shines upon you. This holy celebration reigns as a sign of peace and harmony, which is a perfect example of peaceful and happy living. 


Traditionally, during this holiday, the company’s management takes part in a charitable action together with the Georgian


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Environmental awareness training

In the oil and gas industry, awareness of the importance of environmental issues has become more and more central and environmental compliance is one of the fundamental aspects playing a major role in the industry.


A training course focusing on the importance of environmental and waste management awareness was organized by Kulevi Oil Terminal with one of the leading training companies in the region. The training session included a lecture, discussion, and both an interim and final assessment.


The main topics of the course included the terminology and methodology of environmental standards, the importance of evaluating both indirect and direct aspects to the environment, principles of ...

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Environmental Monitoring Report

According to the agreement between Black Sea Terminal (BST) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MoE), BST is obliged to conduct annual environmental monitoring with the corresponding reporting as per the dictates of the Environmental Monitoring Scheme.


The Annual Environmental Monitoring Report, which contains all the information pertaining to activities related to environmental protection, will be sent to the MoE by the end of Q1 of the reporting year.


The Environmental Monitoring Report summarizes all environmental monitoring activities and mitigation measures conducted by the BST in accordance with the Environmental Monitoring Scheme. 

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The 25th Anniversary International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference

Kulevi Oil Terminal participated in the largest energy event in the Caspian region which started May 29th in Baku. The first exhibition was held in 1994 when Azerbaijan was a young independent state, seen as frontier economy. The exhibition played an extremely important role in attracting investments. Over the past 25 years Caspian Oil and Gas has become a global scale and prestigious international exhibition with a steadily growing number of participants. 

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100 years of Independence

2018 - One of the most important year in the history of Georgia and Azerbaijan.  It was on 26th and 28th of May 1918 Georgia and Azerbaijan gained independence and adopted the act of independence giving birth to the democratic republic of Georgia and Azerbaijan.  The citizens were thrilled and overjoyed on the realization of their long awaited dream of freedom, but being part of independent nations were they could be a part of development for bright future of their countries. This freedom was a guarantee of equality for the citizens of both the countries and their political rights regardless of their nationality or social status.

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Shut and Turnaround of Water Treatment Facilities

The commitment to preventing the pollution of the environment is the highest priority for Black Sea Terminal. The terminal’s management takes all the necessary measures to achieve and maintain continual improvement of its environmental management system and ensures compliance with all legal requirements.


The protection of the environment is also one of the most important inputs during the design and development of the terminal’s main equipment and facilities. Considering this in the very early stages of the terminal facilities blueprint, the terminal was designed while taking into consideration the possible pollution scenarios that could result.

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