Preventive measures against the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19)

As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, Black Sea Terminal (BST) management has developed an anti-crisis plan to handle emergency situations and set out preventive measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of BST employees. The company is consistently monitoring the health conditions of BST employees and visitors and personal hygiene best practices are encouraged routinely.


Employees have received a list of the standard measures that are to be observed and enforced by each individual. With the help of special disinfectants, workplaces, offices, restrooms, reusable items, office equipment, industrial machinery and 

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Port Facility Security Officer training course

Port Facility Security Officers are responsible for the development, implementation, revision and maintenance of the port facility security plan. They must be competent and possess the kind of comprehensive knowledge that enables them to take on their duties and responsibilities as defined in the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

As such, Kulevi Oil Terminal organized a training course for port facility security officers. The aim of the training was to equip the employees with a thorough understanding of how to conduct a comprehensive security survey of the port facility and to ensure the development and maintenance of the port facility security plan.

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Training on changes in customs legislation

Kulevi Oil Terminal systematically fulfills its awareness and compliance requirements of every employee based on their positions. Accordingly, a recent training course on the new updates to the customs legislation requirements and procedures was organized for those employees coordinating and handling customs-related issues.


This particular training was based on the new customs legislation requirements and procedures implemented by the Government of Georgia. The purpose of the training was to introduce to the new customs legislation, make sure employees understand the nuances of the current custom procedures, and increase the efficiency and knowledge of employees on customs affairs.

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Georgia-Azerbaijan Business Forum

Georgia-Azerbaijan Business Forum was organized by EU-Georgia Business Council, on 5th of March in Tbilisi. Kulevi Oil Terminal was a partner of the event.


Ekaterine Mikabadze, First Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia participated in the business forum, as well as Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Georgia – Dursun Hasanov; General Director of Socar  Energy Georgia – Mahir Mamedovand many other representatives of Georgian-Azeri business companies from various sectors namely Energy, Oil and Gas, 

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Years pass, but the victims of the Khojaly genocide will never be forgotten

For the last 28 years the civilized world has paid tribute to the memory of the innocent people who were massacred in the town of Khojaly, Azerbaijan on February 26, 1992.


The unprecedented atrocities committed by the aggressors against women, children and the elderly have been recognized by the modern world, various countries and international organizations as a genocide against the nation of Azerbaijan.


As a sign of sincere solidarity and sympathy towards the tragedy of Khojaly and for the 

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Yearly Environmental Monitoring at Kulevi Oil Terminal

According to the agreement between Black Sea Terminal (BST) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MoE), BST is to conduct environmental monitoring of terminal facilities and the adjacent areas. The environmental monitoring process is described in the Environmental Monitoring and Measurement scheme approved by the MoE. Environmental monitoring is aimed at measuring, controlling and mitigating any negative influence on the environment resulting from the operation of BST. Yearly environmental monitoring includes soil and water sampling, noise level and air-quality monitoring at BST sites and adjacent areas.

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Health Insurance Program

Kulevi Oil Terminal cares about its employees and is always ready to invest in their well-being in order to help them achieve a better work-life balance.


Being part of premium benefits, employee health insurance is intended to protect employees and their families against uncertain and costly medical expenses, so they are more likely to receive the appropriate health care.


That’s why health insurance is one of the most important, most valued benefits offered to employees throughout the company.

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Bund - liquid containment facility

The purpose of the liquid containment facility is to prevent leaks and spillage and to provide containment of oil products from tanks and pipes. It is also referred to as a bund. The bund should consist of a base and its surrounding walls.


Just recently, the Maintenance Department completed the construction of a new bund for oil/fuel tanks. The work was performed by highly-skilled construction workers from the Maintenance Department and in cooperation with the engineering team of the Operations Department. The project involved constructing the containment wall and arranging the fuel tank supports.

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Safety Audit of Black Sea Terminal Operations

At Kulevi Oil Terminal, various processes related to the loading, offloading and transshipment of oil products are being carried out on a daily basis. It is very important to control these processes under the Process Safety and Assets Integrity Management programs as part of the Operation and Integrity Management Strategies of the terminal.  


As usual, large quantities of hazardous substances are stored and processed at oil terminals. In cases of improper design, construction, operation or maintenance, there is high risk of accident. 

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Electricians training and certification

Electrician is a profession that requires accumulated knowledge and skills. As such, a training and certification course was conducted for the employees of Black Sea Terminal in cooperation with Georgian State Technical University.


At the terminal, the certification process is a continuous process that helps to ensure that our employees can demonstrate their accumulated knowledge and skills on the job.  The training course included a theoretical session with group discussion. At the end of the training session the participants were assessed online and accordingly graded in the IV and V categories.

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