The role of metrology at Black Sea Terminal

As defined by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), Metrology is "the science of measurement, embracing both experimental and theoretical determinations at any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology."


The role of metrology is significant for industries, science, communications, healthcare and so on. It ensures that the measuring instruments work properly and that the measurements are correct, stable, comparable and coherent. There are hundreds of measuring instruments at our terminal and their correct readingis crucial. Some measuring instruments such as pressure gauges or transmitters, have critical importance in terms of ensuring a safe working environment. 

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Electrical Safety for Non-electrical Personnel

At Black Sea Terminal, workplace safety is a priority. It is of the utmost importancethat all measures are taken to ensure the safety of its employees. So on behalf of the hazard safety program, a training course was organized for non-electrical personnel including employees, contractor company employees and physical persons.


Electricity being an essential and unavoidable part of the high-tech, fast-paced, demanding life in our modern society and being used all day and night, it is to be noted that everyone takes it for granted and likely forgets the dangers associated with it. This particular training course was organized to create awareness in handling electricity and all things related to electricity in the workplace.

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New Administration and Visitors Center of Kobuleti and Kintrishi Protected Areas

Kulevi Oil Terminal has been financing the Kolkheti Protected Areas Development Fund since 2008. The fundwas established together by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and Kulevi Oil Terminal.


The financial resources of the fund are directed towards infrastructure development, restoration, rehabilitation, monitoring and research work in Kolkheti National Park, Kobuleti Strict Nature Reserve and Kobuleti Managed Reserve.


Recently, a new administration and visitors center was built with the support of the Kolkheti Protected Areas Development Fund. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal sponsors ‘Believe Charity Gala’ reception

Black Sea Terminal has always been actively involved in cultural, educational and charitable activities in the region. The Believe Foundation is one of the largest charitable organizations in the South Caucasus, and one that is supported by Kulevi Oil Terminal since its founding in 2014. This cultural, educational and charitable organization was established to support the integration of socially vulnerable families and people with disabilities into society.


This year, Black Sea Terminal sponsored a Charity Gala event organized by the Believe Foundationat theHilton Batumi Hotel.

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Security training

At Kulevi Oil Terminal, security awareness is a top priority and security awareness trainingis conducted periodically for security staff. This trainings helpsour personnel to develop essential competencies, new techniques, and methods that are essential when facing potential security issues.


Recently, the Familiarization Security Internal Training coursewas been conducted at Kulevi Oil Terminal, for SGS (SOCAR Georgia Security) employees as per ISPS (International Ship & Port facility Security code) standard requirements. The main topics discussed during the training includedsecurity regulations and procedures implemented at the terminal, port securitylevel,  handling of suspicious objects or packages, communication process ...

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Automatically Controlled Railway Operation System

Black Sea Terminal management periodically conducts upgrades and the modernization of the automatically controlled railway system, which contributes to the safety and throughput of the terminal’s railway routes and Kulevi railway station.


The terminal’s internal and external railway routes are 12 km long, where switching between different routes is performed by 27 railway switching points. In 2016, BST has initially installed the centralized automatically controlled system for the main switching points.

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Oil Spill Response Drill in Batumi

Recently Batumi held a large-scale oil spill response drill. The drill was organized by the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia together with the Emergency Management Agency. The drill commenced with the participation of the representatives of all Georgian ports, including Kulevi Port, represented by an emergency response team leader.


During the drill, general information regarding the Black Sea was provided to the participants, together with the description of equipment and tools required for emergency situations related to oil spills. In addition, participants were familiarized with the acting legislation related to emergency management.  

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How to effectively present data

As described in our previous maintenance related articles, BST’s Maintenance Department holds weekly maintenance planning meetings with other department representatives in order to go over pending work orders and effectively plan and schedule the maintenance work. This prevents a backlog of work orders and improves the overall maintenance work schedule compliance index.


Preparing, compiling and presenting the information in an efficient, easily readable and presentable form during the planning meetings is a critical part of the maintenance planning arrangement process. 

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Basic Fire Fighting training

As part of refreshment safety training at Black Sea Terminal, the Safety Department organized a training course in Basic Fire Fighting for its contractor company employees, as well as its physical personnel working for the terminal.


The main aim of the training course was to delegate awareness and understanding and to provide all the necessary information and basic skills to take effective action during any emergency situation arising from a fire – including evacuation. During the training course, participants were detailed about creating a warning in the case of a fire emergency, different classes of fire, extinguishing methods and extinguishers, operational procedures, how fire spreads, fire prevention, fire suppression, types of fires, basic emergency plans, as well as basic first-aid. 

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On Scene Commander training and assessment

Emergency response situations in the oil & gas industry are fast moving, often dangerous and can be chaotic. People need to be trained in their roles in order to manage emergencies effectively.


As part of Black Sea Terminal's training and certification program for its employees, Occupational Training International (OTI) was invited to deliver training courses, as well as to assess the designated On Scene Commanders at the terminal. The training course was followed by the On Scene Commanders undergoing a formal assessment process at the terminal, to ensure that those personnel appointed to this important emergency response are competent.

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