Electricians of Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas industry is just not about drilling, transporting and realization of products. Each and every section of the industry has a very important role to play, especially electrical section playing a major role in ensuring efficient and safe operation.


Considering the importance of electrician’s job, one has to mark that they are a category of employees who should receive special training and be certified to perform their job efficiently and safely.  Black Sea Terminal it is always ensured that irrespective of their experience or qualification all the electrician technicians are provided with formal training yearly and certified through assessment. Thus recently a particular group of electricians working on high voltage electrical equipment’s were recertified.  

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Visit of US Coast Guard to BST

As a part of an annual International Port Security Program, recently the inspection was conducted in Kulevi Port, as well as other ports in Georgia by senior management representatives of the US Coast Guard together with Representatives of Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia. The main purpose of the visit was to observe the level of Security at Kulevi Port and recommend measures to strengthen the system.


At the beginning of the visit, a meeting started with the BST Introduction issue and held with the participation of BST management members and the MTA of Georgia to discuss the various aspects of Security. 

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Oil Industry Workers Day

There are a number of important professions which are of great importance and which has played a major role in the development of various countries and for better socioeconomic status of its population.  Among the most important one’s, oil industry professionals has a major position as it is distinguished from other professions for its complexity and laboriousness and involves a large group of employees.  


To honor the people of Oil Industry, September 20th every year is marked as the Oil worker’s day following the signing of the decree called the “Contract of the Century” by the leader of Azerbaijan and its people – President Heydar Aliyev and it is still unequivocally credited as a corporate celebration of successful oil workers - recognition and appreciation of their hard work and results accomplished.

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Kulevi Oil Terminal loads first bitumen tanker

Kulevi Oil Terminal loaded first bitumen tanker, thus celebrating achievement of being first terminal in the region to receive and load bitumen product into the sea tanker. 

Bitumen, also known as asphalt, is a substance produced through the distillation of crude oil that is known for its waterproofing and adhesive properties. Bitumen production through distillation removes lighter crude oil components, such as gasoline and diesel, leaving the “heavier” bitumen behind. 

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Earthing system of BST facilities and their inspection

Lightning represents the discharge of a static electricity in the atmosphere. Common strike of lightning is characterized with phenomenal energetic properties.  In major cases, the power of such strike makes up about 20 amperes or more. The direct strike of lightning is capable of damaging all the electrical devices including cable lines, if those are not properly earthed or the earthing system is damaged.


Facilities of BST and their earthing system are classified in 3 categories:

-  Category I - special facilities (storage tanks for oil and oil products);

-  Category II – Pumps stations and railway trestles for offloading the oil and oil products;

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Industrial Safety Certificate

Recently representatives of specialized inspecting body have visited to Kulevi Oil Terminal for periodical technical inspection of terminal’s facilities, in order to establish the compliance with Technical Regulation of the government of Georgia about the Safety Operation of the Oil Bases.


In frames of the technical inspection process and maintenance procedures, schedules and plans were checked for updates. Equipment, buildings and structures were visually inspected for their compliance with industrial safety requirements. Plans, schedules and documentation related to the power supply, lightning protection, grounding, electrical safety, firefighting and oil spill response activities were evaluated for sufficiency.

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Waste management, re-cycle/re-use in ports of Georgia

Relevant EU directive and IMO convention on port reception facility (PRF) have been introduced in order to limit and avoid various waste discharged by the ships directly into the sea, protecting the marine environment and the environment around the world. To have PRF in compliance with the relevant regulation will help to improve the ship waste handling (SWH) process which will have positive impact on the environment,  moreover essential part of the cycle is  waste management, which shall be  in compliance with the internationally recognized standards and moreover,  most important part is  introduction of incentive on re-use 

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Power management as per new market rules

Energy management is the key to saving energy in the organization. Much of the importance of energy saving stems from the cost effectiveness of the company operations, as well as global need to save energy, which affects energy prices, emissions targets, and legislation, all of which lead to several compelling reasons why to save energy at the organization specifically.


Black Sea Terminal continuously improves its energy management system by monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in the organization. Typically this involved metering and collecting the consumption data, finding opportunities to save energy by replacing equipment, e.g. lighting, assigning targets to achieve and tracking progress in energy saving. 

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International Children’s Day

June 1 marks International Children’s Day. Kulevi Oil Terminal has joined the charitable program organized by NNLE “Hope is Immortal” and is providing families with children an assortment of food products and other necessary accessories.


It has been nearly a century since June 1 was proclaimed ‘Children’s Day’ at the ‘World Conference for the Well-being of Children’ in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1925. This special day aims to highlight the needs of children throughout the world. More and more countries have joined the initiative since its launch, and doing their part in helping end the problems children face in society.

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Periodical certification of BST Steam Boilers

Black Sea Terminal (BST) has been operating several steam generation boilers since it began  operations in 2008.  Initially the terminal was equipped with two steam generation boilers with total steam generation capacity of 24,000 cubic meters per hour.

Later, due to the intensification of technological processes, in particular, due to the increase in the transshipment capacities of high viscous oil products and the implementation of expansion projects, 3 units of steam generation boilers with a total steam supply capacity of 48,000 m3/h had were built and put into operation in 2016.

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