Welder training & certification

The training and certification process is an integral part of Kulevi Oil Terminal.


Recently, in coordination with Welders Society Ltd., one of the leading companies of Georgia, a training certification and recertification program was organized for the welders of Kulevi Oil Terminal. The training covered a wide range of welding types and was followed by a practical session and an assessment. 


The training session stressed the importance of safety and the use of protective gear, which was followed by theoretical session which included the introduction and familiarization to various definitions and terms, most common misnomers, electric shock, fumes, stick welding, joint preparation, electrode selection, technical drawing and architectural drafting.


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International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis

Since Azerbaijan has gained independence, every year on the 31st of December Azerbaijanis living in the Azerbaijani Republic and elsewhere celebrate World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day.

Founded by the national leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis honors Azerbaijani statehood, national and cultural values and patriotic spirit of Azerbaijani people. 

The idea of solidarity of the world Azerbaijanis, which has concerned our fellow countrymen and compatriots across the world for many years, has been elevated to a level of state policy.

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Presents for Kulevi School pupils

New Year congratulations of Kulevi Secondary School also became a tradition for Kulevi Oil Terminal. We joined the teachers and students of Kulevi Public School in their celebrations and helped to create for them a beautiful and festive day. Upon arrival at the school, the children gave a warm welcome to the guests and were eagerly waiting their gifts.


The hosts of the day presented them a beautiful concert including folk dances, songs, poem recitation. The students were happy and joyful and received sweets and gifts.

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Visiting Disabled Children's Day Care Center

Through years it has become a tradition to visit on New Year Holidays the day care center Lasare-2015. The care that the Center provides is both exceptional and unique, because their beneficiaries are pre-teenagers who are in need of special care, attention and at the same time need help in integrating into the community. 


Kulevi Oil Terminal representatives brought lots of fruits, sweets and other small gifts for the beneficiaries of the rehabilitation center.  

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Visiting the House of Virtue in Khobi

Kulevi Oil Terminal has made it a habit to ease the suffering of those in need. Traditionally on New Year Holidays the Terminal helped the beneficiaries of the House of Virtue, located in the Khobi Municipality. Up to 150 beneficiaries received food and sweets to meet the holiday with full table.


The goal of this generous act was to brighten-up the lives of socially unprotected people residing in Khobi, and at the very least, temporarily make them forget their problems and illnesses. 

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Internal Waste Management training at BST

BST management system standards require employees to receive awareness training of the environmental issues related to their job. Environmental trainings are the continual strategy process of improving BST employee’s awareness and adherence of ISO 14001. On December 7th HSSEQ Department conducted “Internal Waste Management” training for BST related employees.


During the internal training, the following issues have been discussed:

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Recertification Audit at BST

Starting from 15 of November, 2022 during four days external auditors from international company INTERTEKconducted stage 2 - recertification audit of Black Sea Terminal Integrated Management System.


Main objective of the external audit was evaluation of compliance company processes with the requirements of applied international standards as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and implemented Management and Operational procedures.


External Audit covered all important operational and auxiliary processes:

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Management of Change Program (MOC) at BST

Management of Change is one of the effective tools which have been implemented by the BST management to ensure that all changes to the systems of works, processes, equipment, procedures and etc. have been thoroughly reviewed, assessed and considered for approval.


Since the terminal’s operation start in 2008 the terminal implemented number of modifications for improvement of its technological processes.


The above process is under control of BST Operating and Integrity Management Strategies and MOC procedure. 

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Formal Procedures and Permit to Work system

Formal Procedures are usually being raised for repeated works. Formal Procedures are a part of PTW system


Permit to Work (PTW) is a formal written system used to control certain types of work that are potentially hazardous. PTW is a document which specifies the work to be done and the precautions to be taken. PTW form an essential part of Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) for many activities. They allow work to start only after safe procedures have been defined and they provide a clear record that all foreseeable hazards have been considered. A permit is needed when works can only be carried out if normal safeguards are dropped or when new hazards are introduced by the work.

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The Republic of Azerbaijan celebrates the 2nd anniversary Victory

Today, on November 8, the Republic of Azerbaijan celebrates Victory Day. As a result of the 44-day long military operations, under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijan Army liberated more than 300 settlements, including the cities of Jabrayil, Fuzuli, Zangilan, Gubadli, as well as Shusha city, which has a special place in the history and culture of the Azerbaijani people.   


Here in Georgia several events and acts took place in the name of the memory of Martyrs who gave their lives for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

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