Archiving and destroying process of documents at Kulevi Oil Terminal

Document archiving is the process by which paper documents are securely stored for long periods of time. BST Archive has been established for appropriate storing and control of the documentation created in the process of BST activities. The Archive complies with all technical, climatically, illumination, safety and security requirements. Operation of BST Archive is defined by the related procedure, applicable Georgian Legislation and ISO Standards.


BST department’s representatives are responsible to pass documentation to Archive

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Supporting dance ensemble “Jeyran”

Kulevi Oil Terminal is glad to make contribution in rise of education and culture level, self-realization and development of youth. Therefore since 2011 Kulevi Oil Terminal has been supporting the NNLE Culture Center of Azerbaijani youth residing in Georgia.


NNLE Culture Center of Azerbaijani youth residing in Georgia was founded in the beginning of 2010 in Tbilisi to help Azerbaijani pupils and students to develop, study languages, get experience and to be involved in different projects and programs.

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Storage Tank Protection Equipment - Breather Valves

The storage tanks need to breathe to eliminate the possibility of rupturing or imploding. This is why the storage tank protection equipment responsible for tank breathing is called Breather Valves.


The Breather Valve is a protection device specifically designed for storage tank protection. The valves prevent the build-up of excessive pressure or vacuum which can unbalance the system or damage the storage tank (rupture or implode).


The regular planned maintenance of the breather valves is very important for effective valve performance. We have performed the planned inspection of the breather valves. 

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Joint Site Inspection Program

The Program of Joint Site Inspection of Black Sea Terminal facilities are actively supported by the company management and successfully continues with the involved personnel. It provides guidelines for effective implementation and performance of site inspections by BST personnel. Joint Site Inspection is internal part of Black Sea Terminal’s Safe Operation System and covers all operations and site operated by terminal.


Personnel involved in Joint Site Inspection are responsible for active participation in site inspection processes to ensure compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental protection norms, standards and procedures within BST facilities. 

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Technical Inspection of Storage Tank No15

At Kulevi Oil Terminal inspections of storage tanks are conducted in an organized and systematic manner. Scheduled inspections are planned in advance and, when possible, conducted during scheduled downtime of the storage tanks. Inspections determine whether storage tank and its equipment still conform to the safe parameters of the original design and can be permitted for further exploitation.


This month, scheduled technical inspection of storage tank No15 used for para-xylene was carried out. Purpose of the technical inspection was to determine the condition of Internal floating roof, magnesium cathodic protectors, bottom and wall sheets of the storage tank.     

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The operational and strategic role of HR at the terminal

Kulevi Oil Terminal has a well-managed and functional operational and strategic HR Management to ensure having the right staff with the right skills and knowledge at the right time to complete the work successfully.  This is important as both operational and strategic HR management are two sides of the same entity and it is a necessity for the company to achieve its goals and objectives. 


Operational HR management at the terminal encompasses highly visible, daily tactical operations essential to meet the needs of the company and its employeesencircles functions for employee relations through proper 

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Annual Inspection of Marian B Dredger

The annual inspection of all safety equipment and key mechanisms of Kulevi Oil Terminal’s vessels, ensures the safety and longevity of our equipment. These detailed inspections also ensure the conformance of our vessels’ component parts to rigorous standards approved by International Maritime Regulations.


Each vessel is provided with various pieces of safety equipment and materials, which are subject to regular technical examination. For this purpose, we have the contract with a specialized company with the highest standards of certification. This company undertakes the detailed inspection, repair, and certification of the safety equipment on the Marian B vessel.

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Completion of VTC Tower anticorrosion works

Corrosion management and monitoring is one of the main elements of Black Sea Terminal’s (BST) asset integrity management strategy. As such, BST has implemented a consistent program where all process equipment, pipelines and structures are periodically inspected to help 

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Independence Day

For a progressive-minded society in the world, a country's independence, sovereignty and the opportunity for free development has always been invaluable to one's homeland. Our ancestors have struggled for centuries to implement these values and ideas, and have passed on the fighting spirit to future generations. The struggle of our country’s heroes did not go unnoticed: on May 26 of 1918, the National Council of Georgia adopted the Act of Independence of Georgia in Tbilisi, and in just a couple of days later – on May 28, 1918 – the National Council of Azerbaijan established the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Kulevi Oil Temrinal started transshipment of benzene

Kulevi Oil Terminal started transshipment of benzene which is a new product in the Caspian transshipment corridor. The monthly turnover of this product is estimated at 5,000 to 8,000 tons.


Benzene is a part of gasoline, is widely used in industry, is the starting material for the production of medicines, various plastics, synthetic rubber, dyes.


The first loading operation of the Nordic Marita vessel with benzene was performed in April 2020 in accordance with all operating and safety procedures.

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