Electricians recertification for the second group

Electricians represent a very important link of the maintenance technician group of company operation and so their certification and assessment of competency is considered of utmost importance at Kulevi Oil Terminal.


Previously and always electricians have been certified after regular classroom refreshment training and assessment but in the present time remote mode is the preference and consideration to follow the rules and regulations implemented by the government not to organize regular classroom training. So for this second group of electrician employees, recertification was conducted remotely and online in coordination with Technical University.

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Happy 2021!

2020 has come to end. It was another important year for each and every person employed at Black Sea Terminal. The results achieved during this period gives us the reason to be proud that the company has successfully achieved its goals and objectives and utilize the maximum opportunity to cooperate with international customers and fulfill all required services. 

Also important and noteworthy is the contribution of the Black Sea Terminal to the country's economy especially outstanding support towards the development of sports and culture, financial assistance to charity organizations and helping the needy especially the elderly and the children.

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Our social responsibility

Black Sea Terminal though deals in the business of oil and oil products, working agenda of the company often pertains to social responsibility issues and so gives utmost importance to such issues and responds accordingly.


It is within the framework of social responsibility that the Black Sea Terminal carried out several charitable actions during the period before the New Year. Particularly, company provided financial assistance to a nursing home and helped them to solve a specific problem, thus giving the administration of the boarding house opportunity to take care of the elderly beneficiaries well. 

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HSE Induction at BST

HSE induction is conducted to welcome new employees, contractors, visitors and guests to the company and prepare them for awareness of health, safety and environmental rules applied at Kulevi Oil Terminal.  Induction is a great way to provide employees, contractors, visitors and guests with the site specific health and safety rules and requirements, and any particular hazards they need to be aware of. Induction serves as a starting point for an organization to introduce a safety culture.


HSE induction is important for:

  • promoting a safe working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors;
  • help persons understand the values and behavior of the workplace culture;
  • ensuring adequate knowledge of emergency procedures such as emergency exits, evacuation instructions and assembly points;

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Yearly assessment of Emergency Response Team members

The professional skills, competence, knowledge of ERT team members are fundamental to responding to potential emergency situations. In this regard, daily classes on fire tactics and fire rescue training are conducted with the ERT members.


Trainings are conducted according to the approved annual program of professional training of personnel, consisting of theoretical and practical parts. The acquired skills are worked out by participating in fire-tactical exercises and drills. To determine the level of training at the end of the year, practical and theoretical examination is taken for all personnel, which are taken into account when certifying employees.

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Steam boiler operators’ competency check

Steam boiler operators being an integral part of the terminal, it is a necessity to check their efficiency and compliance periodically to ensure safe and efficient operating environment.  So even during the period when the world is going through a difficult pandemic situation, Kulevi Oil Terminal has ensured to meet the certification needs of the employees and thus fulfill organizational goals and objectives. 


The recertification and assessment process for the steam boiler operators were conducted in remote mode considering the fact that certification is a must for the steam boilers to 

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ZERO FAILURES – Maintenance Strategy

Black Sea Terminal’s (BST) embraces a “zero failure” maintenance strategy. To support this strategy, technologically advanced equipment and devices have been installed and successfully used as part of the terminal’s maintenance processes.


Dedicated management, step-by-step equipment inspection, maintenance, and highly qualified personnel, ensure the prevention of equipment failure. This helps reveal any issues with equipment to eliminate the problem at an early stage. The Maintenance Department maintains a high standard of equipment health and performance for the entire period of terminal operations, where meticulous preventive maintenance work plays a key role in increasing asset reliability and availability.

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Fire Drills

A fire drill is a method of practicing how employees would be evacuated in the event of a fire or other emergencies.

Fire Drills are an important part of BST safety procedure for a number of reasons, they ensure that staff or any visitors to BST premises understand what they need to do if there is a fire, they test how effective your evacuation plan is and help to make improvements to any aspects of your fire provisions which prove to be ineffective.

Fire Drills help prepare employees to respond quickly, calmly, and safely.

Fire Drills play a very important role in workplace fire safety.

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Employee adaptation program at the terminal

Starting a new job can be stressful, as new employees must get used to company regulations, objectives, procedures, principles, and of course getting acquainted with their new colleagues. In order to assist new employees to transition more quickly and comfortably into their new role, Black Sea Terminal (BST) follows a well-managed and up-to-date adaptation program. This program is for every new employee, as well as internal BST employees who join a new department.


During six-month adaptation program, department heads and supervisors get a detailed understanding about the skills and knowledge of the new employee. 

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Contractor Evaluation Process

Contractor evaluation is the process of assessing and approving the potential line of contractors of the company through various quantitative and qualitative evaluation measures. The overall process and approach of the contractor evaluation is usually applied to the current set suppliers to regularly measure and monitor their performance for the purposes of reducing the costs of goods/services, mitigating the chances of risk involved, and driving continuous improvement in their performance. The supplier evaluation process is a vital aspect of the BST management system.


The proper supplier evaluation forms are being filled out on a semi-annual basis. 

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