Azerbaijan commemorates the martyrs of the Patriotic war

Today Azerbaijan is honoring and mourning the soldiers who died while serving in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces during the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war. By the decree of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, September 27 is established as the Commemoration Day.


Two years ago today, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan began responsive measures to military aggression within the framework of the right to self-defense. This marked the beginning of the 44-day Patriotic War.

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Congratulations on Oil Workers Day!

Establishment of this professional day is connected with another remarkable event in the history of Azerbaijan. on September 20, 1994, an agreement on productional sharing of oil was signed in Azerbaijan and Azeri–Chirag–Deepwater Gunashli complex of oil fields entered into history as the "Contract of the Century”, it played an important activating role in the revival and rapid development of the oil and gas sector of Azerbaijan. It defines the main directions of Azerbaijan's energy strategy.


Since the first year of its operation, Kulevi Oil Terminal has been celebrating the Oil worker’s day and taking important steps towards popularizing this profession.

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First Aid Training

Taking into account the diverse production processes carried out at the Terminal it is necessary for the employees to possess skills used in case of any serious health issues, within the framework of first aid and before receiving qualified medical assistance will ensure the reduction of complications caused by injury as much as possible.


Hence, a training session on the topic: "First aid training course" was planned and organized at Kulevi Oil Terminal. The training was conducted on site and was led by a highly qualified representative of the certified company. Teaching included both theoretical and practical activities.

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Updating the Industrial Safety Certificate of Kulevi Oil Terminal

Recently representatives of specialized inspecting body INDEX LLC have visited Kulevi Oil Terminal for periodical technical inspection of terminal’s facilities. The purpose of the inspection is to establish the compliance with a technical regulation of the government of Georgia on safe operation of the oil bases.


In frames of the technical inspection, the process and maintenance procedures, schedules and plans were checked for updates. Equipment, buildings and structures were visually inspected for their compliance with industrial safety requirements. 


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Training in geodesy

Usually, the production processes of Black Sea Terminal are significantly diverse, and the main support for their effective management is high-class infrastructure and qualified personnel. Sometimes there arise tasks that require the expansion and/or modernization of the infrastructure and creates the necessity of various types of construction and repairing work. Therefore, in order to perform geodetic works on time and efficiently, the company needs to have a certified, highly qualified specialist, who will have qualified knowledge of the latest methodologies and standards in the field of geodesy.

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External IMS Audit by Intertek

On 11 and 12 August of 2022 external audit has been conducted by Intertek with the purpose auditing of Black Sea Terminal Integrated Management System. Stage 1 Audit – audit management system documentation; evaluation client's location and site-specific conditions and the preparedness for the Stage 2 audit; reviewing the client's status and understanding regarding requirements of the standard; collecting necessary information regarding the scope of the management system; reviewing the allocation of resources and agree with the client on the details of the audit; planning the audit; evaluation if the internal audits and management review are being planned and performed.

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Steam Boiler Operators Training

Employee training at Black Sea Terminal is a continuous process, and we aim to have a well- trained and efficient staff.  


In order to ensure the safety of production processes in the company, an important topic is the certification of the steam boiler operators. Therefore, once again Steam boiler operators training was planned. It was conducted for those employees who will have to work with steam boilers in the future. If employees working on steam boilers do not have a deep understanding of the mentioned subjects, they may put themselves as well as others’ lives in danger. 

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Schedule Regular Lubrication

One of the first and most important maintenance checks concerns lubrication. You should survey your equipment for any signs of excess oil or grease build-up around pistons, and look for leaks near oil seals. The composition of these substances can help you diagnose problems with large machinery, and any particles or contaminants you find will indicate which part is suffering from wear.


A lubrication schedule for equipment needs to be dynamic, making sure you can practically respond to situations on a daily and preventative manner and not just periodically. 

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Corporate culture at Black Sea Terminal

The key to every successful organization is to have a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs that are supported by strategy and structure and Black Sea Terminal is one such organization which gives great importance to corporate culture as it is related to the success and to overall strength of the company, its employees and customers. 


At the terminal, corporate culture is considered a collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the actions of all its employees and exemplifies positive traits that lead to improved performance.

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Security Drills at Kulevi Oil Terminal

Security awareness is of top priority and Security Response Drills are being conducted on quarterly basis for security staff at Kulevi Oil Terminal. Mentioned Drills help involved personnel to develop essential competencies, new techniques, methods that are so essential in facing possible security issues etc.


Recently, Security Response Drill has been conducted at Kulevi Oil Terminal as per ISPS (International Ship & Port facility Security code) standard requirements. The main topics discussed and practiced during the drill included:

  • Increasing knowledge of security personnel in the direction of security regulations and procedures implemented at the Kulevi Oil Terminal.

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