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Preventive maintenance of HV power supply system of BST

Source of power supply for the Black Sea Terminal’s customers is a main reducing substation 110/6 kV beyond the territory of the terminal which consists of 2 transformers. Feeding of the terminal is envisaged via two cable lines from the main reducing substation up to indoor switchgear on the territory of the enterprise.


Recently preventive maintenance of the substation 110/6kV has been carried out. 

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Project “Feasibility Study for Sustainable Port Waste Management in Georgia”

Port Waste Management is an important and integral part of Georgia for the movement to green environment. Recently a special project on the subject “Feasibility Study for Sustainable Port Waste Management in Georgia” has started and will be continued for 5 months. During that period monthly and final reports will be prepared and introduced to German company “HPM Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH”. Work groups from different ports of Georgia have been collected (Kulevi, Poti and Batumi). This project is conducted under the supervision of Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia.

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Workshop “Reducing the Risk of Climate-Driven Disasters in Georgia”

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in cooperation with the Government of Georgia has implemented a large-scale initiative aimed at reducing the risk of climate-driven disasters in Georgia. The program covered the 11 river basins of Georgia and 10 target municipalities: Gori, Telavi, Lagodekhi, Akhmeta, Sighnaghi, Samtredia, Abasha, Khobi, Senaki, Kobuleti. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal Operations