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Memorable Day for the Kulevi School Children

On the occasion of New Year, as always, Kulevi Oil Terminal made sure to join the teachers and students of Kulevi Public School in their celebrations and helped to create for them a beautiful and festive day. Upon arrival at the school, the children gave a warm welcome to the guests and were eagerly waiting their gifts.


The hosts of the day presented them a beautiful concert including folk dances, songs, poem recitation and a special song in the Azerbaijani language to honor the guest.  The events were full of fun and created a festive mood. The children were full of wit and humor. 

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Expanding the Kolkheti Protected Areas Fund

Since 2008, Kulevi Oil Terminal has financed the Kolkheti Protected Areas Development Fund, which was established jointly by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia and Kulevi Oil Terminal.


The fund was established to ensure the protection and sustainable development of the Kolkheti National Park and other protected areas by means of regular monitoring and by taking the appropriate protective and mitigation measures. The fund’s financial resources have been directed towards infrastructural development, restoration, rehabilitation, monitoring and research work in Kolkheti National Park and the Kobuleti Protected Areas (Kobuleti State Reserve and Managed Reserve).

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Training course in contract management and administrative skills

As part of a training and development plan for its employees, Kulevi Oil Terminal organized a training session in contract management and administrative skills.


With contract forms being the foundation for all business relations and contract management being a process that enables both parties involved in the contract to meet their obligations in order to deliver the objectives required by the contract, this training is a necessity – especially for the BST employees, who must refresh and receive additional knowledge in contract management.

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