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Appreciating the Women of Black Sea Terminal

In Georgia the very first days of spring - the most beautiful time of the year, provides people a chance to congratulate mothers, sisters and wives and to make them feel loved, valued and beautiful. It is somehow symbolic that the celebration of this holiday coincides with the arrival of spring. Indeed, how nice it is to smell this season; when nature is awaking, when the first flowers appear in the field and society’s mood is changing.


BST adheres to the principle of equal rights and provides opportunities for all employees regardless of sex. 

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Commemoration of their death is immortal

Every year on the 26th of February citizens of Azerbijan, as well as Azerbaijanis living throughout the world are commemorating victims of the Khojaly genocide.


According to recorded information, the Khojaly genocide is the worst human tragedy of the Karabakh War.  No other military operation during this war took so many innocent lives and brought so much suffering: in one day many civilians were killed, including women, children and the elderly. 

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Electricians certification and recertification

Electricians are skilled tradespersons who should be specialized in handling and working on all electrical components including electrical wiring, machinery, maintenance and the repair of electrical infrastructure and electrical cabling. As such, it is compulsory that these individuals have a valid electrician’s certificate and license.


Considering the importance of certifications, Kulevi Oil Terminal, in co-operation with Georgian Technical University, organized refreshment training for all electricians working at the terminal.  The training course included lectures, group discussions an interim assessment, as well as a final assessment.

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Kulevi Oil Terminal