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On Scene Commander training and assessment

Emergency response situations in the oil & gas industry are fast moving, often dangerous and can be chaotic. People need to be trained in their roles in order to manage emergencies effectively.


As part of Black Sea Terminal's training and certification program for its employees, Occupational Training International (OTI) was invited to deliver training courses, as well as to assess the designated On Scene Commanders at the terminal. The training course was followed by the On Scene Commanders undergoing a formal assessment process at the terminal, to ensure that those personnel appointed to this important emergency response are competent.

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Modernization of the offloading system

Kulevi Oil Terminal will undertake a project that will increase the offloading capacities of trestles № 3 and № 4 by modernizing the existing offloading system. In addition, 3 boilers, the related pipework and facilities, as well as a high voltage transformer substation will be delivered, and cable maintenance will be undertaken.


After the modernization project is completed, the receipt and transshipment of fuel-oil (M-100) originating in Kazakhstan during the winter period will be performed in more smooth and timely manner. 

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Anticorrosion protection work

Kulevi Oil Terminal is located directly on the Black Sea coast in a humid subtropical region. Therefore corrosion protection for all structures and equipment is one of the terminal’s main priorities. Anticorrosive measures are important for maintaining the condition and extending the life of the structures and equipment.


Black Sea Terminal management has established a detailed plan for anticorrosion activities. Modern methods and means of anticorrosion protection of BST equipment, process pipelines and storage tanks, have been studied. After processing the visual and ultrasonic inspection data, more detailed method statements are being created. When selecting the methods for undergoing the application of coating materials, EN standards are followed exclusively. 

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