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Employee adaptation program at the terminal

For every person who joins a new workplace or a new job position it is a kind of stress, as he/she has to get used to the company regulations, objectives, procedures, prevailing habits, company principles, acquainted with unknown people, learn behavioral norms and rules of company etc. So in order to enhance the employee to adapt more quickly to the company working conditions and the working team Kulevi Oil Terminal follows a well-managed and up to date adaptation program. This program is for every new joinee, as well as those who are internally transferred within the department or to another department in another position. 

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Contractor Evaluation Process

Contractor evaluation is the process of assessing and approving the potential line of contractors of the company through various quantitative and qualitative evaluation measures. The overall process and approach of the Contractor evaluation are usually applied to the current set suppliers to measure and monitor their performance for the purposes of reducing costs of the goods/services required on the regular basis, mitigating the chances of risk involved, and driving continuous improvement in their performance. Supplier evaluation process is a vital part of BST Management system.


The proper supplier evaluation forms are being filled on semi-annual basis. 

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Key Performance Indicator at BST

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value of BST Management System that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key objectives. BST uses KPI at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets.


KPI carrying out on quarterly and yearly basis and also is being tracked regularly and reviewed during Management Review Meetings.


KPI prescribe how BST should monitor or measure quality management system, when to monitor or measure quality management system, or how and when analyze and evaluate the opportunities.

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