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Steam Boiler Operators Training

Employee training at Black Sea Terminal is a continuous process, and we aim to have a well- trained and efficient staff.  


In order to ensure the safety of production processes in the company, an important topic is the certification of the steam boiler operators. Therefore, once again Steam boiler operators training was planned. It was conducted for those employees who will have to work with steam boilers in the future. If employees working on steam boilers do not have a deep understanding of the mentioned subjects, they may put themselves as well as others’ lives in danger. 

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Schedule Regular Lubrication

One of the first and most important maintenance checks concerns lubrication. You should survey your equipment for any signs of excess oil or grease build-up around pistons, and look for leaks near oil seals. The composition of these substances can help you diagnose problems with large machinery, and any particles or contaminants you find will indicate which part is suffering from wear.


A lubrication schedule for equipment needs to be dynamic, making sure you can practically respond to situations on a daily and preventative manner and not just periodically. 

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Corporate culture at Black Sea Terminal

The key to every successful organization is to have a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs that are supported by strategy and structure and Black Sea Terminal is one such organization which gives great importance to corporate culture as it is related to the success and to overall strength of the company, its employees and customers. 


At the terminal, corporate culture is considered a collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the actions of all its employees and exemplifies positive traits that lead to improved performance.

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