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Black Sea Terminal: helping employees plan for the future

There are many countries in the world that have achieved great success in accumulative pension projects that have allowed their citizens to establish social safety nets. This is a positive step in the right direction, which can be considered in the law on the accumulation of pensions in Georgia.


The accumulated pension scheme has been very important in the community. Black Sea Terminal (BST) is engaged in this scheme with great enthusiasm and hope for the future. The company's management expressed great satisfaction over the fact that they once again have an opportunity to

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Effective tool for safe work control

Safe performance of operation and maintenance works is very important for operation of oil terminals. Considering that each work is associated with the level of risk, which on its turn might result in major accident, then all activities have to be performed under operational controls. One of the main operational controls which have been implemented in the oil industry is permit to work (PTW) system. PTW system is an effective tool for safe control of works, which considers important issues like hazard identification and risk assessment, isolation standards and methods, communication and cooperation between operation and maintenance personnel, scheduled planning of works within process areas and engineering input for risk minimization. 

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ISO 45001: 2018 (Internal Auditor Training)

Kulevi Oil Terminal always adheres to all new updates and replacements according to ISO standards. A training course for the new ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management system replacement of former OHSAS 18001 was organized for employees included in the internal auditors' group at the terminal.


The new standard replacement was developed by the ISO organization based on the report of the International Labor Organization (ILO). As per the report, every year, millions of workplace accidents occur

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Kulevi Oil Terminal Operations