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Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day

In the modern world, the protection of women's rights is a very important issue, including gender equality in various spheres of work. As the activities of the Black Sea Terminal LLC are specific, the area of employment of women staff is limited. The number of women employed in the company is modest, but the principles of gender equality are fully respected.

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Emergency Response Drills at Marian B Hopper dredger

Continuous maintenance of the required depths at Kulevi Port’s approach channel and water area is very important in ensuring safe navigation and a timely response to customer expectations for the berthing of sea tankers of varying sizes. Black Sea Terminal (BST) operates the Marian B hopper dredger to achieve this objective. Periodical dredging is conducted in the approach channel located in the Khobitskhali River mouth, and the Marion B dredger plays an important role. 

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BST Observes the 29th Anniversary of the Khojaly Tragedy

Nearly three decades later, the Khojaly tragedy remains embedded in the minds of the Azerbaijani people. The tragedy, which claimed the lives of many civilians, was one of the bloodiest in Azerbaijan’s history.


29 years ago, on February 26, 1992, soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the heavily-armed Armenian army invaded the Nagorno-Karabakh city of Khojaly from various directions and attacked peaceful civilians who resided there. 

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Kulevi Oil Terminal Operations