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A Safe Environment Guarantees Stable Production

In the modern world, the efficiency of production processes, growing financial results, safe working environment increasing the business image and skilled work are the result of latest technologies and developed infrastructure in companies.


The contributions made by the diligent and qualified employees and management through their daily activities, confirms its constant readiness to create a free, safe working environment in accordance with the established standards, to protect the health of employees and to actively cooperate with employees in this regard. 

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Major Emergency Management (MEM)

Black Sea Terminal (BST) has very competent emergency response plan in place that enables the company to perform work safely and easily. The emergency response plan is a crucial component to handling any kind of emergency situation. 

Though the emergency management team is well trained and experienced, the continuous review and revision of their knowledge remains constant. This instills a sense of confidence in the employees.  The importance of this upskilling and pre-planning is essential so that at the onset of an emergency, important decisions can be made rapidly and the situation can be controlled in a short period of time. 

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Inspection and repair work of corrosion protection system at berths

The corrosion of steel structures at berths due to the sea water environment is a constant threat. Sea water contains high concentrations of salts that together with dissolved oxygen accelerate the corrosion process of metals. In order to decrease the corrosion rates of steel structures in sea water environments and to extend their service life, several methods have been designed. One of these methods is the use of galvanic sacrificial metals, such as aluminum alloy to protect steel structures.

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Kulevi Oil Terminal Operations