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Induction Training for new employees

Induction training is both vital and necessary for any new employee who joins a new organization. Such training ensures that the new employee settles quickly and comfortably into the productive role they are entrusted to do.


Black Sea Terminal always makes sure that this induction training helps employees familiarize themselves with company’s policies, its organizational mission, goals, values, philosophy, dress code, health and safety rules, the job they are required to do, and what is expected of them.


These induction trainings are well-planned and organized by experienced managers or coaches assigned to each department ...

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Basic corrosion management

Corrosion is a destructive natural process that costs the oil and gas industry tens of billions of dollars in lost income and treatment costs every year. Its treatment and mitigation requires the incorporation of a range of interdisciplinary approaches. Considering this, Black Sea Terminal employs experienced and trained personnel to fight and control corrosion, and has implemented a well-developed corrosion management strategy to achieve corrosion control.


Black Sea Terminal recognizes that the effective management of corrosion contributes to the maintenance of asset integrity and optimizes mitigation, monitoring and inspection costs. 

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BST maintains infrastructure excellence

Over the last few years Black Sea Terminal has been recognized as the terminal with the best infrastructure. However, we are not going to rest on our laurels, and will continue our path to success by expanding the existing infrastructure we have in place in order to receive larger volumes of oil and oil products, and increase our variety of goods. This is what will ensure that we provide the best services to our customers.


One of the steps we have taken to realize of our ambitious goals, is to conclude a contract with SOCAR Cape company Georgian branch regarding the scaffolding, as well as blasting and painting services at the terminal.

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Kulevi Oil Terminal